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We need a policy for making ‘breakthrough’ cell and gene therapies available to patients, writes Bernard Mallee

As if Covid-19 wasn’t enough, the health service was hit by a ransomware attack, delaying care for patients across the country. Hackers exposed the vulnerabilities of […]

How much value do innovative medicines generate for the economy?

How much value do innovative medicines generate for the economy? by Bernard Mallee More than a year since the World Health Organisation declared Covid-19 a pandemic, […]

Adequate funding, not a dilution of IP rights, will tackle delays in adopting new medicines, says IPHA submission to European Commission

Access to new treatments can be improved by sustainable, predictable Government budgeting, not by weakening intellectual property (IP) rights for medicines development, according to a submission […]

Astellas tells a story of rural innovation as part of ‘Innovate For Life’

The Astellas plant in Killorglin, Co Kerry, is among the companies that feature in ‘Innovate For Life’ – the IPHA campaign that gives a platform to […]

EU’s Pharmaceutical Strategy has mixed results for medicines innovators

Last week, the European Commission published a blueprint for the future of medicines innovation. The EU Pharmaceutical Strategy lays the foundation for a lively debate on […]

The Government has supported the need for new medicines funding but we still have work to do to future-fit Ireland’s biopharmaceutical industry

This week, the Government, led by the Taoiseach, Micheál Martin, introduced an €18 billion expansionary Budget – the largest in the history of the State. It […]

New Government has chance to make medicines innovation count

New Government has chance to make medicines innovation count, writes Bernard Mallee Micheál Martin takes charge of a Government at a time of opportunity and uncertainty […]

People’s behaviour and a belief in science are turning the tide on COVID-19

The graph is heading in the right direction. The trend shows that cases of COVID-19 are declining. We are getting the virus under control – at […]