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Affiliates Programme

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Guide to Affiliate companies

It is a two-way platform for companies across sectors to connect and collaborate with the top international innovator biopharmaceutical companies operating in Ireland. The programme fosters business relationships and provides unique exposure to one of the most innovation-intensive, globally networked industries.

Here are some of the benefits the Affiliates programme offers.



Deepen your company’s exposure to the biopharmaceutical industry


Learn about our complex business model across medical discovery, development, manufacturing and adoption.


Share your big ideas with your peers in the programme and with top biopharmaceutical innovators


Get involved in our events and working groups to learn and expand your network


Identify new business opportunities by getting to know the industry and your programme colleagues.


Our masterclasses on the IPHA Code of Practice shed light on the regulatory operating environment.


We run an exciting slate of events across the year, drawing on themes defining our industry to start conversations about how the operating environment for medicines innovation can be improved. We offer opportunities to attend these virtual and in-person events, and to help us shape them. We want you to contribute to our ideation sessions through industry working groups and to come forward with what you would like to see in our thought-leadership and networking proposition.

Who can become an Affiliate?

  • General biopharmaceutical industry, regulatory and business consultants;
  • Public relations, marketing and advertising agencies working on healthcare clients;
  • Contract sales organisations;
  • Clinical research organisations;
  • Biopharmaceutical recruitment firms;
  • Market research companies; and,
  • Legal firms.

How can I become an Affiliate Member?

Begin your journey today by contacting us at

See below for information on our Affiliate members.

Important to note:

Being an Affiliate of IPHA signals a level of interest and engagement with our industry.  While Affiliates engage with the Association and our members, they are independent of the Association and of each of its members.  That means, for example, that the services and/or advice they provide to their customers is entirely their responsibility;  there is no implied or explicit endorsement or quality assurance by IPHA or its members individually of those services and/or advice.