About Us - IPHA

About Us

IPHA stands for innovation in medicines. We represent the inventors of medicines to prevent, treat and, sometimes, cure diseases. Through science, we extend how long people live and how well they can live.

Because many medicines are made at manufacturing sites around the country, we have a positive impact on economic life through jobs and investments.

Helping to give people faster access to our medicines means, together, we can raise standards of care. We have four priorities: Access, optimising the availability of innovative medicines in Ireland; Codes, building trust in our industry with actions and standards in our self-regulatory Codes; Innovation, building stakeholder understanding and support for biopharmaceutical innovation; and Investment; promoting the positive impact of the industry’s investment in Ireland and enablers such as intellectual property, trade and other policies.

We contribute to, and help to shape, policy and public debate in a wide range of areas such as regulation, access, pricing, health promotion, innovation policy environment and transparency through our storytelling, events, thought-leadership, publications, submissions and engagements with Government and healthcare stakeholders.

IPHA has 46 member companies in two divisions: prescription medicines and self-care. Members take an active part in policy development and implementation.