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Guide to Affiliate companies Dec 2021

IPHA Affiliates programme is a forum for interaction between IPHA companies and businesses from the sectors that partner with pharmaceutical companies in Ireland.

Becoming an IPHA Affiliate will:

  • Raise your company’s awareness of the issues we deal with as an industry, by providing direct access to a flow of information;
  • Increase your company’s profile with our member companies;
  • Offer a forum to provide your thought leadership and innovative ideas to senior representatives of IPHA member companies;
  • Participation in the IPHA Annual Conference and other regularly scheduled events, providing an excellent opportunity to interact with the pharma industry’s leadership;
  • Allow for attendance by your staff at training sessions and Master Classes on the IPHA Code of Practice for the Pharmaceutical Industry.


Throughout the year we organise events, briefings and webinars for both Affiliates and IPHA members. We actively design the Progrmme around IPHA member and Affiliate needs. IPHA also has many different forums and groups and we are very open to Affiliates making valuable presentations at these, and at our annual conference.

Who can become an Affiliate

The following entities may apply to become an affiliate of IPHA:

  • General pharmaceutical industry, regulatory and business consultants;
  • PR/advertising agencies involved in healthcare;
  • Contract sales organisations;
  • Clinical research organisations;
  • Pharmaceutical recruitment firms;
  • Market research companies;
  • Firms of solicitors;
  • Any others deemed appropriate by the IPHA Board of Directors.

Please click Guide to Affiliate companies Dec 2021 for more details on individual companies:

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