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Including patients in clinical trials is critical in developing new innovative treatments and, ultimately, in improving the nation’s health.

IPHA HSE model Clinical Trial Agreement Nov 2022

Updated explanation for the November 2022 model Clinical Trial Agreement for use in all interventional clinical trials in Ireland

Clinical Trials Survey

IPHA Clinical Trial Compensation Guidelines 2013

There is clear published evidence that by including patients in clinical trials their health will improve substantially. We believe Ireland can play a leading role in the provision of clinical trials in Europe. To do that, it is essential that we have a predictable, transparent and efficient clinical research system to compete internationally and to attract clinical trials. Healthcare providers in Irish hospitals and academic institutions have shown that they have the ability to participate and drive world-class research but they are limited by current structures and practices. Competition for trials between countries is fierce. So, failure to perform and deliver even one trial correctly can jeopardise the conduct of future research by companies in Ireland. IPHA is working hard to create a suitable environment for the conduct of clinical trials in Ireland through the creation of the HSE CTIF and model Clinical Trial Agreement. We will continue to work will all stakeholders to ensure that Irish patients can access life-changing trials in Ireland. For further details please contact