#InnovateForVaccines - IPHA

Ireland is among the least COVID-19 vaccine-hesitant countries in the world. Our vaccination rollout campaign has been among the fastest anywhere. But in early 2021, neither claim could be made. So, we wanted to build a campaign that told a human story about the impact of COVID-19 vaccination. We wanted to surface the facts about vaccines. Our campaign had multiple strands, powered digitally with supporting earned media. We created a range of static infographics, messaging on science, safety and speed. We casted real-life storytellers – Sarah who wanted  her parents to meet her new baby; Stephen who wanted to get back to volunteering at the rugby; Rosie who wanted to feel safer because she has an underlying health condition; Karen who knew how important vaccines are because she’s a cancer doctor; Fergus who has seen the impact of vaccination on diseases and wants to reopen his guesthouse; Gary who got the flu vaccine to keep his dad, who has cancer, safe; Owen who trusted science because he’s a doctor; and Ruth who had  seen how vaccines save lives because she’s a nurse. Allied with this work, we executed ‘Vaccines’, a virtual thought-leadership event run as part of our Forum series. There, we heard from leaders in patient advocacy, science, social media and behavioural science. In parallel, we tracked public sentiment around vaccines, in partnership with pollsters Ipsos MRBI. Vaccination is a global health and development success story, saving millions of lives every year. Our work is aimed at building confidence in immunisation.




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