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Ireland hosts the top players in medicines innovation, exporting to the world. In 50 years, we have built a medicines manufacturing powerhouse. The industry’s annual economic value is almost €15bn. We support tens of thousands of jobs, spread across the regions. Our medicines have social and economic impact, improving life expectancy and quality of life, and adding jobs and spending power locally. Innovate For Life, a digitally powered, film-led campaign, is about bringing to life our industry’s impact and value story. Through the stories of people, we show the difference innovation in medicines can make in lives, in communities and in science.

We’re proud of the work we do. ‘Innovate for Life’ tells some of the powerful stories about the impact of our industry in Ireland. This is a campaign voiced by the people on the frontline of illness, communities and science – the Patients, Places and Pioneers. We’re innovating for Ireland. Innovating for the world. Innovating for life.

Watch the stories to learn how we’re innovating for Ireland


In Sligo, AbbVie is a catalyst for new jobs and cures in the northwest. It is making medicines for the world and fuelling the local economy. Our story features Paul Deering, Editor of the Sligo Champion, John Ward, Managing Director, Ward Automation, Dr Jeremy Bird, Head of the Faculty of Science, IT Sligo, and Matt Kavanagh, Drug Product Operations Supervisor, AbbVie.


At Novartis in Dublin, scientists are working on gene therapy treatments for inherited retinal conditions. Our story features Professor David Keegan, a Consultant Ophthalmologist, Mater Private, Darragh O’Donovan, Clinical Scientific Expert, Novartis, Laura Brady, Head of Research, Fighting Blindness, and Audrey Derveloy, General Manager, Novartis.


In Killorglin, Astellas is making an anti-rejection treatment used by organ transplant patients all over the world. In this rural part of south Kerry, innovation is at the heart of the community. Our story features Anna Pokojska, a kidney recipient and Transplant Games athlete, Louis Collins, Executive Director, Kerry Operations, Astellas, Fergus Foley, a local guesthouse owner, and Megan Staunton, Site Energy Lead, Astellas.

Innovate For Life

Professor Owen Smith, a Consultant Paediatric Haematologist, OLCH, Crumlin, Dublin, explains how CAR-T cell therapy can produce an immune response in some children with leukaemia and some adults with lymphoma. This film, part of our new ‘Innovate For Life’ content, is a two-hander featuring Professor Smith and Karen O’Neill, his former patient who had acute myeloid leukaemia. Inspired by her consultant, Karen is now a paediatric doctor, bringing the story full circle. Both now work at Children’s Health Ireland.







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