Code eLearning site tops 4000 users

A total of 4,191 individual users have trained on the IPHA Code eLearning site since its inception in February 2016

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Pharmacists key to driving a self care strategy

  • Pharmacists and pharmaceutical industry partner in major Self Care awareness campaign: ‘Be Well this Winter – Think Pharmacy’, to promote a focused approach to better patient outcomes
  • Promoting increased levels of self care in Ireland would lead to a far more effective system of healthcare
  • 92% of people like to be involved in decisions about their own health and medication

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Industry presses to protect IP Incentives

IPHA is pressing the Irish Government and our MEPs to protect the IP incentives regime which is in danger of erosion by proposed legislation in Brussels.

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Sharp Rise in Health Budget But Patients Still Left Waiting For Innovative Medicines - IPHA

As the Government announced the Budget today [Wednesday], the Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association (IPHA) has said it was very disappointing that enough money could not be found in the expanded allocation for health to cover the costs of making new innovative medicines available to patients.

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IPHA ‘Manifesto’ Issues Call To Place Ireland in Top Seven in Europe For Access To New Medicines

Pharmaceutical innovators’ new declaration of strategic priorities urges:

§  Predictable, multi-annual budgeting for innovative medicines, with sustained rise in funding

§  ‘Innovation czar’ for Department of Health to plan for the global wave of pharmaceutical research

§  New era of industry-Government partnership to avert deepening healthcare crisis


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New President at IPHA

Aidan Lynch, Vice President and General Manager of GSK (Ireland) Limited, has been elected as President of the Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association (IPHA).

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New Report Backs Biopharma Innovation as Enabler for New Treatments, Jobs and Investments, says IPHA

Protecting Ireland’s innovation policy environment is key to developing new medicines for patients, and to attracting fresh investments in pharmaceutical manufacturing and research, according to a report published today [Friday] by EY-DKM, the economic advisory consultants. 

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