Intellectual property must be safeguarded to ensure ongoing breakthroughs in innovative medicines

On World IP Day, pharmaceutical innovators say it’s vital that the intellectual property (IP) rights that enhance the development of innovative medicines in Europe are protected and not further eroded.

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Pharmaceutical Industry Must Be Part of New Government Alliance to Boost Vaccination Rates

On World Immunisation Week, pharmaceutical innovators say it’s vital to take steps to reduce vaccine hesitancy and to dispel ‘damaging’ myths about vaccination.

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New Europe-wide Data Shows New Medicines Face Growing Delays Reaching Irish Patients

New data shows Irish patients face growing delays accessing new medicines, ranking well into the bottom half of European countries surveyed as part of a comprehensive analysis of wait times and rates of availability.

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IPHA Presses to Place Innovation at the Heart of Europe as Elections Draw Near

As the campaign begins ahead of the European Parliament elections on May 24th, the Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association (IPHA) has called on candidates to back progress in biopharmaceutical innovation as the basis for new jobs, investments and therapies in Ireland.


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New Medicines Waited Almost 2.5 Years For Reimbursement Decisions, says IPHA



New figures show 10 innovative treatments approved by the HSE for use by patients spent 890 days awaiting decisions.

The 10 new innovative medicines recently approved by the Health Service Executive for use by patients spent on average almost two-and-a-half years waiting for a reimbursement decision, according to the Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association (IPHA), the body representing the research-based pharmaceutical industry.

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Rare Disease Patients Can Access Just One-Third of Medicines Available in Rest of Europe, Says IPHA

Just one-third of medicines for rare diseases licensed for patients in Europe are available in Ireland, according to new figures released on Rare Disease Day by the Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association (IPHA), the representative body for the research-based pharmaceutical industry.   

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IPHA defends industry against ‘baseless’ charge of ‘predatory’ pricing

The Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association (IPHA) has defended the industry against a charge of ‘predatory’ pricing by the National Centre for Pharmoeconomics (NCPE). 

The NCPE is the State body that advises the Health Service Executive on the cost-effectiveness of medicines.

IPHA said the claim, made during a radio interview this week, amounted to an “accusation of illegality against the industry”.


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