Tackling COVID-19

Posted on March, 13 - 2020

We are in the middle of a public health emergency caused by COVID-19. Is this affecting medicines supply? Are we any closer to a vaccine or a treatment? The Health Products Regulatory Authority at national level, and the European Medicines Agency at European level, oversee reporting and information from biopharmaceutical companies about shortages. No reports of shortages or supply disruptions of medicines marketed in the EU due to COVID-19 have so far been received. Companies, as a matter of routine, build resilience into their supply chains. The industry continues to monitor the situation closely. It is satisfied that it is doing all it can to minimise and manage the risk of disruption to the supply of medicines. The industry, in Europe and globally, is fast-tracking collaborative research to develop vaccines and treatments in the fight against COVID-19. Europe has a long history of vaccine manufacturing. About 76% of the major innovative global vaccine manufacturers' production is in Europe. Irish scientists are contributing to the global vaccine search. It may take a year or more to develop one. But the race is on.