Delegates set to gather for BioPharma Ambition to debate the future for medicines innovation

BioPharma Ambition 2020, an event that happens on March 3rd and 4th in Dublin Castle, is set to draw delegates from Ireland and across the world to debate the future for medicines innovation and investments

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IPHA Urges Progress On Access To New Medicines On World Cancer Day

  • Patients waiting three times longer than in comparable European countries to access new medicines
  • 8 cancer medicines now awaiting reimbursement for more than 926 days
  • Political will can unlock funding and access impasse
  • Every three minutes someone gets a cancer diagnosis and every hour someone dies from the disease


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IPHA urges parties to mandate a New Medicines Policy for the first time

Patients should never have to protest outside Dáil for access to new medicines

As the general election begins its second week, the Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association (IPHA) has urged all political parties to pledge to improve patients’ access to new medicines as part of their plans for health. 

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Half Of People Believe Cancer Is The Disease Science Has The Most Potential To Cure, Says Survey

Research, marking the launch of BioPharma Ambition 2020, shows:

  • Three-quarters of people would take part in a clinical trial if they were ill
  • Fighting disease, generating jobs and improving Ireland’s reputation are the top reasons for investing in medicines innovation
  • Investing in new medicines is important, along with funding more doctors, nurses and hospitals

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Ministers Co-Host BioPharma Policy Forum To Help Map The Future For Medicines

Two Government Ministers today [Thursday] co-hosted with the biopharmaceutical industry a Policy Forum aimed at gathering expert perspectives on the future for medicines innovation.

The event, ‘BioPharma Policy Forum: Medicines, Investments and Innovation’, drew some 60 leaders in industry, policymaking, research, academia, clinical care and patient advocacy.


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Irish Patients Wait Three Times As Long For Same Medicines Available In Other European Countries

‘Innovate For Life’ Conference hears:

  • Patients in Ireland wait an average of 843 days for 15 new medicines, against 289 days for patients in 14 ‘reference’ countries in Europe
  • Five of the 15 medicines are either fully or partially made in Ireland
  • Nine of the 15 medicines are for cancer 
  • Explicit ‘Medicines Policy’ needed to fix access and funding problems
  • Partnership lessons learned through Brexit preparation can be applied in other ways


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Seven In 10 People ‘Trust’ Vaccines, says Ipsos MRBI Survey For IPHA

New research, released at IPHA’s ‘Innovate for Life Conference’, shows:

  • ‘Worrying’ levels of uncertainty, especially among over-55s, about vaccines’ effectiveness 
  • Lack of information is the biggest barrier to childhood vaccination

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