Self Care - taking charge of your health, RCPI, 25 January 2018


Almost 100 delegates gathered at the RCPI for the launch of a new report: Self Care – taking charge of your health. Jointly published by IPHA and IPU, it sets out a range of proposals for a more focused approach to self care which could lead to better patient outcomes and considerable savings for the State. You can access the document here: Self-Care-taking-charge-of-your-health and the press release here|: Self-Care-PR-final

The meeting also heard from Jonas Vikman of LIF, the Swedish pharmaceutical trade association, on a unique predictive health campaign they ran with the retail pharmacy association in Sweden.

Dave Barrett, IPHA who chaired the launch

Daragh Connolly IPU; Jonas Vikman LIF, Dave Barrett; Darragh O'Loughlin IPU