Be Well Campaign - Think Pharmacy

The development and adoption of self care in the Irish health system needs to be an all year effort according to the Irish Pharmacy Union (IPU) and the Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association (IPHA). The two bodies launched a new self care awareness campaign in May 2019, entitled ‘Be Well This Summer–Think Pharmacy’ designed to highlight the benefits to the public of looking after their health during the summer period. It follows on from the highly successful Be Well This Winter campaign run last year.

The campaign will be rolled out over a four-month period and will involve social media video content, as well as a series of posters to be displayed nationwide in retail pharmacies. It will actively promote self care throughout the summer as well as the valuable role of the pharmacist in supporting self care.

Self care is defined as the care taken by individuals of their own health and wellbeing at the lowest level of complexity with advice from a healthcare professional. Self care supports patients to stay healthy, especially during more vulnerable times and empowers individuals to manage important elements of their own and their loved one’s healthcare needs. Previous research by Behaviour & Attitudes confirms that there is a clear desire from the majority of people (92%) to be involved in decisions about their own health and medication, with 80% expressing their view that they see their pharmacist as a key partner in maintaining their health.

While many people are known to take a more conscious approach to self care during the winter months, and particularly during the flu-season, this campaign is designed to highlight the ongoing benefits of self care throughout the year.

IPU Vice President Eoghan Hanly said, “Many of us are very diligent in managing our health, taking vitamins and living a healthy lifestyle when there are more coughs and colds going around. During the summer though this can lapse, and it is important that we should all manage our health proactively throughout the year. From hay fever to sun care, there is a range of healthcare considerations that should not be ignored during the summer. Our advice to the public is to take care, and seek advice in their local pharmacy.”

IPHA Consumer Healthcare Division Chairman John Sheehy said, “IPHA is committed to working in partnership with the IPU and its members to promote the value of self-care. The value to people and society is immense. This campaign is the latest iteration of such collaboration with the IPU and will be an important initiative in encouraging people to manage their own health this summer in a more pro-active way”.

The campaign will be advising the public to ‘Think Pharmacy’ in relation to a number of summer health matters, including:

  • Hay Fever: There is a range of treatments available from your pharmacist, which can dramatically reduce symptoms of hay fever. However, as with many self care treatments, preventative action is the most effective.
  • Sun care: Pharmacies can advise on the prevention of sun burn and other sun related conditions. They can also advise on the best treatments should you suffer from sunburn, including the appropriate creams and painkillers to relieve symptoms.
  • Holidays: Before any trip abroad you are recommended to visit your pharmacy to ensure you have an adequate supply of any prescription medications you may require. Your pharmacists can also provide advice on the prevention and treatment of insect bites.

You can view the videos here: HAYFEVER FIRST-AID FESTIVAL