Timely reimbursement of innovative medicines important for new National Cancer Strategy

Current problems with reimbursement process needs to be overcome


Wednesday 5th July 2017

The Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association (IPHA) has welcomed the new National Cancer Strategy and highlighted the fact that a timely reimbursement system must be in place if it is to deliver on its objectives.

According to Oliver O’Connor, IPHA CEO, “long term cancer survival rates are improving significantly, with deaths down by 21% since the 1990s. The use of innovative medicines are clearly playing a significant part in this.

“IPHA enthusiastically shares the goal that we should aim to have Irish cancer survival rates among the best in Europe.  To enable this to happen, the required medicines must be available to patients in the Irish health service among the fastest of European countries. This can be a shared endeavour between industry and Government,” he added.




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