IPHA welcomes IMO stance on access to new medicines


IPHA welcomes IMO stance on access to new medicines

The Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association (IPHA) has welcomed the tabling of a motion at the Annual Conference of the Irish Medical Organisation (IMO) regarding patient access to new medicines.

The IMO motion calls on the Minister for Health to ensure that new medicines, which have completed satisfactory pharmaceutical and economic evaluation, are immediately reimbursed on the State Drug Schemes.

Welcoming IMO’s stance, David Gallagher, IPHA President said:

The research based pharmaceutical industry is constantly developing new and innovative medicines which offer great hope for the management of chronic illnesses. As well as being in breach of the current agreement with the IPHA regarding the supply of medicines, the failure on the part of the HSE to fund new products that have successfully completed the HTA process, is denying Irish patients access to a growing range of treatments that are routinely available in other countries.

I sincerely hope that Minister Reilly will take heed of this motion and instruct the HSE to immediately ensure that its agreement with the IPHA is adhered to and that Irish patients, regardless of income, can access new and often life changing treatments”.

Friday 13th April, 2012

Notes for editors

Among new products awaiting funding under the State Schemes are:

PRODUCT                                    TREATMENT

Brilique (AstraZeneca)­                   Acute coronary syndromes

Gilenya (Novartis)                          MS

Pradaxa (Boehringer – Ingelheim)   Stroke prevention

Sycrest (Lundbeck)                        Bipolar disorder

Victrelis (MSD)                              hep C

Yervoy (BMS)                                Melanoma

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