Agreement on the Supply and Pricing of Medicines to the Health Services

Framework Agreement on the Supply of Medicines to the Health Services 2016- 2020


On 20th July, 2016, IPHA and the Government concluded a new four-year Framework Agreement on the Supply of Medicines to the public Health Services.

In a collaborative approach between industry and the State, the Agreement provides a reliable framework in which public expenditure on medicines is sustainable and new, innovative medicines can be made available for patients in Ireland in a timely way.


Under the Agreement, the pricing of medicines in Ireland is set to an average of 14 EU Member States each year.  The State will also benefit from rebates on sales of 5.25%, moving to 5.5%.  There will be significant price cuts on entry into the market of competitor products to off-patent medicines. 


In addition, the Agreement includes a detailed pathway for the approval by the HSE of new medicines in Schedule 1.


The four year duration of the agreement until 2020 offers stability to patients and their treating clinicians in relation to the supply and availability of existing and new medicines. 


Reimbursement Criteria and Forms
Includes: Pricing Form, Price Realignment Form, Notification of Intention to Seek Reimbursement Form and Application to the Hi Tech Scheme.

Continuity of Supply
Includes: Best Practice to Optimise Continuity of Medicines Supply, Continuity of Supply List of Contacts, Notification of Shortages Form, Notification of Transfer of Marketing Authorisation Form, Withdrawls Notification Form and Guidance Notes on Completion of Withdrawls Form.

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