Master Your Medicines

The "Master Your Medicines - a Guide to Help Older People Know More About their Medicines" booklet aims to help older know more their medicines to ensure that they get the best from them. It also includes useful information on the Personal Information Pack (PIP) and a Patient Medication Record which may be used to write down the details of all medicines one is taking.


Master Your Medicines Booklet Master_Your_Medicines_Booklet_FINAL.pdf (1.18 MB, Adobe PDF) 

If you are taking several medicines together, it can be difficult to keep track of when to take each of them. The "Medicines Reminder Chart" is useful tool to help people to remember to take their medicines. It may be downloaded below.

Medicines Reminder Chart (0.34 MB, Adobe PDF) 

Hardcopies may be ordered from the IPHA Communications Department.


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