IPHA Affiliates Programme

The IPHA Affiliates Programme is a service we offer for the businesses and sectors whom we partner with to deliver our innovative medicines to patients in Ireland.


We value the Affiliates Programme as a forum for networking and exchanging information, knowledge and new ideas.


Affiliates are trusted partners for our Association and our companies.



What is our Affiliates Programme?


The IPHA Affiliates Programme is a forum for interaction between the IPHA’s 47 member companies and the businesses that work with us to deliver innovative medicines to patients in Ireland. Businesses that are IPHA affiliates include companies in the legal, clinical research, communications, biopharmaceutical, regulatory and technical marketing sectors.


The Affiliates Programme is based on:


-          A flow of information

Briefing about regulatory, market and policy trends in the pharmaceutical sector in Ireland and Europe, and access to the IPHA’s in-house experts for your specific queries


-          Professional training

Professional training about the IPHA Code of Practice for the Pharmaceutical Industry and the IPHA Code of Standards of Advertising Practice for the Consumer Healthcare Industry – vital learning for lawyers, sales representatives, regulatory affairs consultants and communications experts who work with pharmaceutical companies


-          Thought leadership

As an industry and individual companies, we play a central role in the Irish healthcare system. Since the 1980s our Supply Agreements with successive Irish governments have provided the environment for secure supply of medicines in Ireland. The IPHA contributes to thought leadership in Irish healthcare. Our Affiliates Programme is a forum for our Affiliates to engage with new thinking and to present innovative ideas for the senior representatives in Ireland of international pharmaceutical companies.


-          Participation in IPHA Annual Healthcare Conference and other events

Opportunities to interact with the pharmaceutical industry’s leadership, share in discussion and promote your business





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